Clark Ashton Smith, Live In Auburn, The Elder Tapes

Clark Ashton Smith – Live In Auburn, The Elder Tapes. Read by Clark Ashton Smith, with introduction by Robert B. Elder

On sale Wednesday 4/20/16, noon Eastern time – Ships 5/11/16
Recorded in the late 1950’s by Robert B. Elder, is the only known voice recording of Clark Ashton Smith. Mr Elder picked at random, 11 poems from the books The Dark Chateau and Spells and Philtres for Smith to read. Audio has been newly enhanced for clarity, and mastered for vinyl. Although the recording quality of Smiths readings are primitive, consider this as a glimpse into another time and place, into the world of Clark Ashton Smith.

* Edition of 107 copies. 90 will be offered for sale.
* 180 gram audiophile black vinyl.
* Two sided, hand screen printed, fold over jacket. Silver ink on thick black French paper.
* 16 page booklet of poems read in this volume.
* Art by Joe Keinberger


Check out a sound sample HERE